Let3 Party Opens the 12th Edition of Weekend Media Festival and Announces the Rijeka 2020 Project

Weekend Media Festival Has Brought, Along With Amazing Lectures, a Plethora of Fun

The legendary Rijeka-based Let3, in their recognizable outfits, in front of large crowds, have opened the 12th edition of Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj. Everyone was excitedly awaiting the spectacle that the band brings along with the musical and visual rock attraction, and we can safely say that they have once again, not failed everyone present.

The stage at the old tobacco factory was „shaken“ by their greatest hits like „Dijete u vremenu“, „Izgubljeni“, „Ženu varam“ and many other hits which marked our rock scene. The audience was invited to visit Rijeka, the European Capital of Culture, a title they will proudly hold next year. Before Let3, the DJ duo Kanca and Bondža  were responsible for warming up the crowds and the first dance steps.

It was already clear last night that this year`s Weekend was one of the best weekends of the year. The twelfth edition of the largest communications festival in the region will host over 5000 participants, including over 550 journalists and 350 students. They will be able to enjoy a full program spanning on 6 stages consisting of lectures, panels, presentations and workshops held by over 150 esteemed speakers from all over the globe.

After a full day of lectures, the party continues. Tonight`s good times will come in the form of Jack in the Beat w. Rea and Bondža and the fakat Christmas party w. Diskobajagi.

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