How to Keep the Best When Everyone Wants to Leave

20.09.2019., Rovinj - 12. Weekend media festival. Predavanje kako zadrzati najbolje kada svi zele otici? Ivana Budin Arhanic, Vesna Bodiroza, Jadranka Sakoman i moderatorica Antonija Mandic.Photo: Marko Prpic/PIXSELL

The Salary is Important, But Not the Most Important. Here`s What the Top Employers Are Offering

The salary is a very important factor for employees, but not the most important one. It is always among the top five priorities in the workplace, but there are various benefits that will make employees happy and stay with the company during difficult times. You need to listen to people and strategically place HR in companies, as it is just as important as production, sales or marketing. The “How to Keep the Best When Everyone Wants to Leave” panel consisted out of Ivana Budin Arhanić (Valamar Riviera), Jadranka Sakoman (Zagreb Brewery) and Vesna Bodiroža (Infobip).


“A lot has changed in the past few years. The mentality of the younger generations is different, the EU borders have opened up, the demographics are bad, and the challenge is how to find and retain the best people. The salary is important, but it is not the only factor. We need to make people happy and satisfaction cannot be measured in money alone. We have a vision to be the best and the biggest and the goal is that people want to be a part of it, ”said Ivana Budin Arhanić.


Jadranka Sakoman said that HR has changed a lot and that it must fully understand the business model and be in the strategy and management of the company. “Our job is to constantly listen to the organization and the needs of the people in order to have a highly engaged staff. People need to be heard and work on the strategy. The whole organization has to work on the people`s agenda, ”Sakoman concluded.


“We have employees on all continents, and we test employee motivation twice a year. We pay them bonuses, they have flexible working hours, work from home and receive a number of benefits that also depend on the country in which they work. It is not the same to give feedback to an Indian or a Russian. If health care in a country is poor, we will cover the costs” Vesna Bodiroža revealed.

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