How to Turn Your Remote Into a Mouse? What Are You Watching on the Radio?

HbbTV and DAB+ for Connected and Engaged Users

Maximize and enhance your TV and radio content on the air by using HbbTV digital platforms and the DAB + digital radio. HbbTV is coming to all households soon (as part of the transition to DVB T2), with DAB + already reaching 50% of the population today. The new ad tools provide personalized TV advertising and real-time analytics. OIV Digital Signals and Networks is a national provider of terrestrial digital TV and radio and a provider of HbbTV and DAB + platforms.


Karla Kurjan

Karla Kurjan

Transmitters & Communications, Core IT Services Junior Expert Associate (Croatia)

Damjan Skornjak

Damjan Škornjak

Transmitters & Communications, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing (Croatia)

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