Hang in There Mark! How Will Zuckerberg & Friends Survive the Global Techlash?

For years, the world’s public has thrillingly been following the growth of tech companies, which have all emerged from the Silicon Valley only to rapidly conquer the globe. Almost all this growth is viewed with uncritical approval and support. However, the last Presidential Elections in the United States marked a milestone. Trump, the Russians and Cambridge Analytics turned the public opinion against FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google).

From that moment on, we have been following a constant techlash, where regulators from different countries compete who is going to punish the American giants. In addition, after much initial enthusiasm, we are also monitoring the negative campaigns of many media who claim to defend democracy and / or their own positions. Silicon Valley has collided with the state apparatus and the real world.

Who will win in the global war? How will the media world look like after the techlash? What will be the result of regulations and how will it affect consumers?


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Marijan Jurenec

I.R.V. - Behaviour Exchange, CEO (Slovenia)

Vladimir Pavlic

Vladimir Pavlić

Digital Marketing Consultant (Croatia)


Marko Rakar

MRAK services, CEO (Croatia)

02.02.2018., Plaza Event Centar, Zagreb - Svecana 13. dodjela nagrade Ponos Hrvatske herojima koji su svojom hrabroscu, humanoscu, postenjem i dobrotom obiljezili 2017. Svojim su djelima i dobrim namjerama stvarali pozitivno ozracje na lokalnoj i siroj razini te pokazali kako je ljudskost jedina trajna vrijednost.Boris Trupcevic, direktor Styrije za Hrvatsku. Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

Boris Trupčević

24sata, CEO (Croatia)


Jaka Repansek

Jaka Repanšek

RePublis Media Consulting, Founder (Slovenia)

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