The Next Big Thing After Influencer Marketing + Stories

Users and micro influencers are changing the communication on social networks – a nice feed, “superficial” content and an image of a perfect life on Instagram doesn’t work with the Youth anymore, as is corroborated by the #nofilter movement and the potential disappearance of vanity metrics like the number of likes on Instagram, something the entire digital community is talking about. We will discuss the growth of micro influencers and UGCs, new vertical apps, YouTube Stories and custom Story GIFs, all this with digital and PR experts, micro influencers and the young lions that dictate and set new trends on social networks.


Ena Valentina Djerek

Ena Valentina Đerek

Bamboo Lab, Head of Marketing (Croatia)

Marija Niksic

Marija Nikšić

Ormarija, Blogger and Influencer (Croatia)

Erna Saljevic

Erna Saljević

Diva is Back, PR Manager and Influencer (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sanja Trbojevic Putica

Sanja Trbojević

L'Oreal, Communications and Digital Manager L'Oreal Active Cosmetics Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatia)


Nevena Rendeli

Nevena Rendeli

HRT, Editor and Journalist (Croatia)

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