Google vs. Huawei as a 5G Proxy War between US and China. Whose Side Are You on?

In the middle of this year, Google suddenly announced the end of its collaboration with Huawei, their largest customer. Other US companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom followed, allegedly all under pressure from US President Donald Trump. His position is that American companies should not work with the Chinese who they estimate are a threat to national security. Is this really the cause of this dramatic event with the far-reaching global political and economic consequences? Is Trump’s negotiating strategy behind the trade war or is this a much more complex question? Is the fight for G5 dominance in technology and international espionage the background? Where does Europe stand in this constellation and what are the consequences for us?


Dragan Petric

Dragan Petric

Bug, Executive Editor (Croatia)

boris_podobnik3-240119 (1)

Boris Podobnik

ZSEM, Vice Dean for Research / University of Rijeka, Civil Engineering, Professor (Croatia)


Marko Rakar

MRAK services, CEO (Croatia)


Vuk Vukovic

Vuk Vuković

Oraclum Intelligence Systems, CEO and Co-Founder (UK)

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