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Political Journalists Have Spoken: Marko Milić is the Best Political PR

There are many challenges in political communication. One of them is timely and accurate informing of citizens. The award for the best Croatian political PR was launched in order to continuously raise standards. In cooperation with the Ipsos Agency, 216 political journalists made the decision: this year’s winner is Marko Milić, a spokesman for Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. At the 12th Weekend Media Festival, Marko Milić was presented the award, the first Megaphone.

Participants of the “All the President’s Men” panel emphasized that the phrase “We will be the richest country in the world” is heard by Croats every now and then. Although this hasn`t happened so far, they still love their presidents. We have new presidential elections ahead of us, and just what is the communication of our presidential candidates?

Judging by Andrija Jarak from Nova TV, we could be seeing the most boring campaign so far. “There are four topics that afflict Croats. They are Partisans, Ustashas, ​​bribery and corruption. It`s most important to play the victim. Everyone says ‘The media is attacking me’. When someone comes out of the courthouse, the first thing that person says is that they are the victim of a political chase, ”says Jarak.

In all this, we forget that every selfie a politician makes with the people is a vote. Each person they talk to is also a vote. “As much as the profession is appalled by it, it’s a campaign. Take a look at Milan Bandić and you will realize that the same is true of the vote from Ilica as it is from the edge of the city, ”says Jarak.

Politicians in our country, says Željka Gulan of RTL, don`t have time to engage in communications because of internal party matters. “Every time we think we will get a president with character, after the second or third announcement we realize that we are getting something we have already seen,” he pointed out.

It is exactly frequent announcements on social media that have turned politicians into stars, but after a while, when the presidential candidates face the press, they will be asked certain questions. The current president is thus most often seen in protocol locations, without giving statements. “Everyone wants to be photographed with her. She is the political epitome of Severina on the entertainment scene,” says Gulan.

Political communication isn`t boring, but empty or possibly non-creative, says Ankica Mamić (IMC Agency). “We are witnessing the rise of political populism. Counselors, if they are paid, are often not listened to, and politicians resort to their own deviations. A campaign starts with the election to a post, politicians should de facto be constantly in a campaign. Škoro came out on the political stage with good quality, although I disagree with his program, he had a great start and then continued to sing. It’s much easier to communicate with fans, not citizens, ”Mamić commented.

Mainstream presidential candidates tend to have a terribly boring political communication, agreed Jerko Trogrlić. “The new candidates offered no quality content or quality alternative. It all looks very spontaneous, and the election is obviously won by voters who don`t otherwise go to the polls and by voters who change their minds.”

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