Ed Sheeran Vs. Petar Grašo: Are Radio Stations Broadcasting the Same Music All the time?

Formatted radio is often perceived as the enemy of all things creative, even though the radio stations that format their airtime tend to be the most popular. Most successful radio stations usually have between 240 and 800 songs in rotations even though their databases have so much more to offer. We will find out why this is so in our interactive workshop „Ed Sheeran Vs. Petar Grašo“ during this year’s Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj.

All relevant research data tells us that between two thirds and three quarters of the surveyed audience listen to the radio mostly because of the music.  The songs that are on the air and their schedule are directly linked to the choice of the radio station, and after only two „bad songs“ in a row, the listeners are looking for a new frequency.

„Radio still has the highest reach within the media platforms, and it is the most common channel for new music as well as the media platform that Europeans trust the most. Radio is not dead, nor is it dying, radio is actually on the rise. One of the things responsible for this is the way this musical business model is created, which is why this workshop is absolutely unavoidable for anyone in the radio industry“, Nikola Vrdoljak, Weekend Media Festival Program Director pointed out.

The workshop participants will be able to format their own radio based on the results of a
quick test of their musical affinity. Also, Weekend Media Festival will get its own W-FM
based on real data of how much time the audience spends listening to the radio and what
kind of radio they want to listen to.

„The virtual W-FM radio will help us analyze whether the new Ed Sheeran hit will be on air
every four hours. This is not an easy task because we will also simulate real market
conditions so that our virtual radio station has to be profitable in the real world. We will also
discuss the entrance of domestic music into radio station playlists and why there is a
difference between wishing for something and realizing it“, stated Goran Komerički, one of
the workshop participants.

The „Ed Sheeran Vs. Petar Grašo“ workshop is just one small part of the extremely diverse
program that this year`s Weekend Media Festival will offer. Of course, this year the festival
will once again attract over 150 lecturers and panelists and over 5000 participants from all
over the region.

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