A good cover is a good cover

20.09.2019., Rovinj -Predavanje Dobra naslovnica je dobra naslovnica.  Minja Miletic, Robert Botteri, Veljko Lalic, Goran Gavranovic Photo: Marko Dimic/PIXSELL

A Good Cover Can Increase Sales by Up to 50 %, Here`s Whose Heads Sell Print Issues

The media market is radically different than ten years ago. The print media plays a new role. Once a basic source of information, today the primacy in this field has been left to the online media. But what has not changed is the importance of a good cover. What is a good cover and why is it important was discussed in the “A Good Cover is a Good Cover” panel at Weekend Media Festival with the main editors of print media from Croatia – Goran Gavranović (24 sata), Slovenia – Robert Botteri (Mladina) and Serbia – Veljko Lalić (Nedeljnik).

“The cover is the reader ‘s first contact with the newspaper and that is why it`s so important. It is the cover of our product and it must be exciting and provocative because it aims to make you stop and look at it,” said Botteri, who also added that heads actually sell the newspapers and in Slovenia, Tito, Žižek and Hitler tend to raise the most interest.

“People buy newspapers for two reasons. Either out of habit, because they always do it, or occasionally, in which case the cover is extremely important. A good cover can boost sales by 50 percent in a weekly print issue. In a daily newspaper like 24 sata, the cover increase sales  by 5 or 10 percent, and it used to be up to 30 percent”, revealed 24 sata Editor-in-Chief Goran Gavranović.

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