Children and the Digital Age: How Gaming Develops a Child’s IQ

21.09.2019., Rovinj - 12. Weekend media festival.Predavanje Djeca i digitalno doba - Kako igrom razvijati djetetov IQ, Ranko Rajovic i moderator Ivan Saric.Photo: Marko Prpic/PIXSELL

Dr.Ranko Rajović: The Only Job For a 12 Year-old is Play

The brain develops in movement and children who sit instead of playing will have trouble reading and writing and their motor skills will be weaker. The only job of a child until the age of 12 is play, said Dr. Ranko Rajović in Rovinj. His lecture, “Children and the Digital Age: How Gaming Develops a Child’s IQ,” ended with a standing ovation from the audience.

“Children learn by heart, there is no linking of information and therefore they have no functional knowledge,” said Rajović, the region’s largest expert on child upbringing and a UNICEF contributor on a project to encourage early childhood intellectual development.

The education reform, he argued, should begin immediately, and it is not just the reform, but a complete change in the education system. This is confirmed by the analysis according to the results of the PISA test, Croatia is below the average in Europe, and significantly behind average in East Asia, which will obviously dominate in the future. Namely, in order to do the jobs of the future well, today’s children will have to think, and we, Dr. Rajović warned, educate them to learn everything by heart.

Rajović presented a number of examples of how learning methods should be changed instead of repetitive methods, learning through play, composing illogical stories, and methods in which we don`t restrict children by telling them that something is impossible.

“We even ruined birthdays for them. It used to be expected and revealed, nowadays someone gives them 50 euros to buy a gift for themselves. That expectation when the gift paper is unwrapped is what childhood is all about, ”Rajović said.

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