AI: How Will Humans Get By?

We live in times of great technological change that will significantly change everything around us, ourselves included. For years in public debates, we have enthusiastically monitored changes or expressed our complete aversion and fear of technology and our desire to return to a time when everything was clearer and more secure. The consequences of some technologies like AI can potentially be so great that they are difficult to understand. In all these changes, we often forget about people. How will AI and other technologies change humans? What kind of consequences will human society experience? Should we be optimistic or not?


Korado Korlevic

Korado Korlević

Visnjan Observatory, Director (Croatia)

Zarko Paic

Žarko Paić

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Professor - Aesthetics and Media Theory (Croatia)

Tomislav Smuc

Tomislav Šmuc

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Senior Scientist, Head of Laboratory for Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation (Croatia)

Fedja Vukic

Fedja Vukić

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, School of Design, Professor (Croatia)


Marija Selak

Marija Selak

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Assistant Professor (Croatia)

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