Celebrities against hate on social media

Photo: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

Social networks, influencer marketing and media attention are what neither celebrities nor influencers can escape from these days. Social media management has given almost everyone the opportunity to enjoy the status of a star, said the participants of the panel entitled “Celebrity influencer—to be or not to be.”

Actor Goran Bogdan, an outspoken voice in the fight against hate speech, and Branimir Brkljač, author of the blog Iskusni Početnik (Experienced Beginner), pointed out that social networks are a very desirable tool for achieving positive change in society. At the same time, one should know how to use them properly and not lose oneself in the sea of false profiles and non-professional opinions.

“For the sake of my mental health, I don’t read the comments. I don’t pay attention to the negative feedback and all the hate. My primary job is acting, I want to do that, but of course, when I feel that I can have a positive influence somewhere, I gladly respond,” explained Bogdan.

The video “Hejt, SLOVEni, još ste živi?” is proof is that star status along with the effectiveness of social networking plays a major role in fostering social change. The online work of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian magazine Buka, in which Goran Bogdan, Severina and Hristina Popović underline the problems of hate speech, is an integral part of an ongoing campaign against hate speech.

Bogdan pointed out that he did not expect such an extensive reaction from the public, but he is glad that the main protagonists managed to send important messages and raise awareness about the issues we all face every day.

“We live in a time of knowledge without thinking. Influencers want to be celebrities, but in order to truly spread influence, we must encourage people who are really relevant to do such work,” concluded Brkljač.