Alan Sumina will reveal everything about the gaming market

Alan Sumina

Domestic and global trends are the focus of every Weekend, and among the numerous panelists and lectures some of the biggest names in the domestic IT scene will be highlighted. Famous Croatian technology entrepreneur Alan Sumina, founder of Nanobit, is coming to Rovinj. His success story started with the launch of a mobile game development studio in 2008 when he developed a fitness app for the iOS system, which later made Nanobit one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Nanobit achieved yet another important step in 2020, when it was sold to the Swedish group Stillfront for almost HRK 1 billion.

The gaming market in Croatia has expanded significantly in recent years. The computer games industry is huge and employs a whole spectrum of different experts, perhaps even more diverse than any other part of the IT sector. Enthusiastic individuals still prevail here, which is certainly desirable for starting a business, but it is not enough when you need to scale the business to a higher level.

What exactly is the situation on the Croatian and regional gaming market, what are the biggest obstacles, who is most in demand, what was it like to make the decision to exit and what is Nanobit planning now? These are just some of the questions that Nikola Sučec (editor of the Business section, will ask Alan Sumina in a 1-on-1 conversation – The worst thing is when others praise you.