Weekend Reveals Why Generation Z isn`t Following the News, Why Tourism Will Soon Be the Largest Economic Activity on the Planet and Whether Our Pay is Important or Really Really Important

In the second part of the day, there were discussions on how to keep the best when everyone wants to leave and what are the benefits of staying in the company during difficult times. We also found out that by 2030, 1.8 billion people will travel the world, and we also questioned what makes a human being and broke the myths about millennials and Generation Z.

The arrival of artificial intelligence is inevitable. It is no longer a question of whether we will create self-aware machines, the question is whether this will happen in five, ten or five thousand years – this is just one of the conclusions of the panel AI: How Will Humans Get By? which was discussed by Korado Korlević (Višnjan Observatory), Žarko Paić (Faculty of Textile Technology), Tomislav Šmuc (Ruđer Bošković Institute) and Feđa Vukić (Design Study). “The topic of artificial intelligence is not technological. We must first determine what a human being is,” Korlević concluded during the panel, adding “We must view artificial intelligence as our child and hope that this child will not be intimidated to see us as a threat.”

What connects and separates millennials and Generation Z was discussed by Ivan Šarić and Goran Bogdan in the #SvijetBoljihMogucnosti panel. They were joined on stage by members of Generation Z: Matija Hardi, a high school student from Vukovar who made an earthquake monitoring device with his professor, influencer Marko Vuletić, followed by 350,000 people on YouTube and Instagram, and Sara Stojanović from FERIT in Osijek, who made a meteorological station out of trash with her professor. While Šarić and Bogdan had no idea what TikTok was and who James Charles was, the new generation „failed“ in knowing what LimeWire and the General Information Number 981 were, as well as knowing the result of the Dinamo-Atalanta match and the distance between Zagreb and Paris. All three agree that one day they want to be independent in their work, without a boss to ‘hang’ on their neck. They will occasionally glance at news portals here and there, but they don’t care about politics unless it’s in the form of a meme.

The „How to Keep the Best When Everyone Wants to Leave“ panel featured Ivana Budin Arhanić (Valamar Riviera), Jadranka Sakoman (Zagreb Brewery) and Vesna Bodiroža (Infobip). Panelists stated that people should be heard and HR in companies should be strategically placed, as it is just as important as production, sales or marketing. “We have employees on all continents, testing employee motivation twice a year. It is not the same to give feedback to an Indian or a Russian, ” revealed Vesna Bodiroža.

The „Streaming Wars – Europe Strikes Back“ panel announced the collaboration of the European distribution and production “power house” Beta Film with the Croatian production company Drugi Plan for the new Amnesia series. The series follows the story of migrants and drug smuggling on the Southeast European border.

The answer to the question how to raise money for your business was given during the „I Need a Dollar: How the Funderbeam Platform Enables Investments?“. Following the panel, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on the Funderbeam platform for Fresh Island Festival, which brought the world’s biggest music names such as Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Sean Paul, Wiz Khalifa, Nas and others to Zrće Beach.

Eulogio Bordas, one of the most important experts in communication strategies announced that tourism will soon be the largest economic activity on the planet, in his lecture „How Does the Evolution of Tourism Open Up Opportunities for Marketing and Communications? “To fascinate someone, create a certain experience, this is something that cannot be improvised, it must be planned and communicated in good quality,” Bordas concluded, noting that the Spanish National Tourist Agency has had the same logo for 30 years. “We have changed 16 ministers, and the logo is still the same. Stability is key. “

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