Weekend Reveals: How Creative Are We Under Stress and How Sneakers Made it From the Park to High end Fashion

No one is creative under stress, said 37-time Emmy winner Pete Radovich (CBS) and Boris Kovaček (Peppermint) at the „Relax, No One is Going to Die“ panel. “At the beginning of my career, I got the opportunity to produce Wimbledon. There was no way I could pick a frame and I was constantly looking for someone’s opinion. At one point, my mentor told me I was awful and that I wasn`t making decisions. Then he told me to relax and make a decision because no one would die from it. The more prepared you are, the less stress you have. You can’t control your colleagues and boss, but you can control yourself, “Radovich stated. Kovaček said a year ago Radovich had invited them to a commercial shoot with John Malkovich. “It was an opportunity to see what a great production looks like. It surprised us that no one was yelling on the set and that everything went without stress. They were finished in two hours, “he said.

During the „Hang in there Mark! How Will Zuckerberg & Friends Survive the Global Techlash?“ panel, the main topic of the discussion was the fact that in the last six months, Facebook had decided to work with regulators, both because of their threats and because they want to prevent others from breaking into the position they are in now. Marko Rakar (MRAK services), Boris Trupčević (Styria Media International), Vladimir Pavlić (Facebook consultant) and Marijan Jurenec (I.R.V.) participated in the discussion. “Big fines that threaten Facebook and other tech giants will not solve this problem. If they were regulated as they should have been, this would not have happened. Everyone must have an equal position on the market,” Rakar said.

Trupčević added that in the end, China will emerge as the winner of the techlash, because it has everything we have, except for the problems, because they have had regulation since the beginning. On the outcome of the situation with Facebook, everyone agreed that this is just the beginning, but the situation is too complex because it involves security, technology and media, which makes it much harder for regulators to do their jobs. “The essence of techlash is power. The companies we are talking about have a power that is difficult to quantify given the amount of data they sit on which is why they have become a danger to the political establishment,” Trupčević concluded.

Sneakers are a serious phenomenon, they are at the intersection of a range of fields and areas critical to the communications industry – branding, style, celebrity culture, media and lifestyle. Passionate sneaker heads Petar Radojčić Bizzo, Tomo in der Mühlen and Andre Ljuština spoke about sneaker culture at the Weekend Media Festival. They recounted their childhood anecdotes, the first sneaker commercials that stuck in their memory, stories from quite serious business meetings with forty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds that ended with a conversation about sneakers. Ljuština, who is also a rare sneaker collector, said the price of rare sneakers is determined like the price of artwork. “If a sneaker comes out in a few pairs, it doesn’t mean it will be more expensive than another. What determines the value of a Koons? There is a plethora of factors that affect the price,” he said.

The current topic of why people leave, what are the consequences for businesses, what can companies and the business community do, and what we can learn from other countries, are just some of the questions addressed by Nenad Bakić (investor, entrepreneur and cultural entrepreneur), John Brady (BAT), Dejan-Ranđić (DNA Communications), Jovan Stojanović (DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions) and Vuk Vuković (Oraclum Intelligence Systems) during the panel „Are There Any Adults in the Room?“.

John Brady pointed out that in Ireland, the government relationship between entrepreneurship and tax policy had changed fundamentally. “Thanks to this, we have attracted some of the largest companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Another characteristic of Ireland is the quality of education we also see in Croatia. But there is one significant difference between Croatia and Ireland, which is the strong link between universities and employers, which you lack. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report has shown a great disparity between the knowledge and skills acquired during education and what employers in Croatia need, which is exactly what Ireland is good at. ”

The Weekend has also exclusively announced that the beloved Restaurant&Bar Weekend Festival is moving to Rovinj, and will be experiencing its first maritime release from May 14th until May 17th, 2020 at the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. Hosting the world’s top chefs and experts from the world of coffee and mixology, masterclasses and gala dinners are just some of the content that awaits you at the next R&B Weekend.

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