Television – The Return of the Underrated or How to Live to be One Hundred


Television – Burried for Years, Yet it`s Showing Growth


For almost ten years, the final end of television as the dominant media has been announced. Competitors and challenges have been coming simultaneously from multiple sides, but broadcasters did not only survive, but in many cases, they achieved serious growth. Željko Mitrović (Pink), Pavel Vrabec (Pro Plus) and Dražen Mavrić (Nova TV) discussed the future of television and how it manages to survive on the market in the panel “Television – The Return of the Underrated or How to Live to be One Hundred”.


“Television has been buried for ten years now. And in those ten years, we have doubled profits and I can safely say I’m slowly starting to enjoy this funeral,” Mitrović said, adding that Pink earns only 30 percent of total revenue from advertising sales.


Nova TV’s Dražen Mavrić claims that the situation is different in Croatia. Nova TV, says Mavrić, earns 80 percent of its revenue from ads, but it’s important that TV companies fragment their sources of revenue.

“The market is driving us. The future is in content production,” he said.


Changes in technology are also a threat to agencies, which will lose their Media Buying departments, said Pavel Vrabec. “Agencies will survive, but only in terms of creative jobs,” he concluded.

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