Sneaker Culture

The phenomenon of sneaker culture has plagued the entire globe. No more handbags, jeans and jackets, only sneakers matter. Why it is for the future of every business to understand the phenomenon of sneaker culture. If you’ve been looking for a masterclass in marketing this is the best you can get. If you want to understand how a brand is created through social networks, sneakers culture is a phenomenon that needs to be studied.



Andre Ljuština Croatian Style

Blitz, President and Creative Director (USA)

Tomo in der Muhlen

Tomo in der Mühlen

Steel bar & Club Rovinj, DJ Producer (Croatia)

Petar Radojcic Bizzo

Petar Radojčić Bizzo

DJ / Fresh Island, Creative Director / True Sneaker Lover (Croatia / Worldwide)


Pete Radovich

Pete Radovich

CBS, Creative Director (USA)

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