(Hrvatski) Sneak peek 30 tema koje nas očekuju na Weekendu!


1. Who’s singin’ over there? | The new wave of the region’s music trends
Why do young people listen to Buba Corelli, Jala Brat and Rasta, how can one get millions of views on
YouTube, and how is music made in the digital era? These are all questions that will be discussed by
some of the most influential people and the biggest stars in the music industry in the Balkans.

2. All the president’s men
The leading people on the Croatian media scene and PR practitioners specializing in political
communication will be discussing how well the Croatian politicians’ communicate.

3. How can you keep the best people when everyone is looking to leave?
This will be a discussion on how to retain the best employees and create a business environment that
will attract the top talents in the conditions of mass hysteria and with everyone just wanting to leave
Croatia. The panelists will include HR managers and heads of some of the most successful companies
in the country.

4. #agencylife – the profession as seen through the eyes of the public
The market is becoming more concrete by the day, the public is getting more sensitive to advertising,
the clients are becoming more demanding, and the number of talented individuals is on the decline –
how can we provide solid agency performances in such circumstances?

5. Loss of trust in mass media
The editors of the region’s leading media will talk about why the citizens’ trust in the media is falling
and what the consequences of that are for the society. How did we become EU record-breakers in
terms of the number of citizens avoiding the news?

6. Mark, hang in there! How will Zuckerberg &friends survive the global tech clash?
The regulators seem to be competing against each other in imposing fines on the US tech giants.
When will this hysteria stop and who will win the global tech clash?

7. How to survive sex, lies and real estate?
Journalists covering politics will highlight some of the biggest communication failures and explain the
role of the media in uncovering affairs starring politicians.

8. Google vs. Huawei as a proxy war over 5G between the US and China – whose side are you on?
US President Donald Trump has banned Huawei in the US. What is the backstory, where is Europe in
all this, and what are the consequences of this global clash?

9. A brave new world – how will the TV world transform?
Netflix and the internet have changed the entire TV ecosystem dramatically. How has that reflected
on our region? Where will we follow football matches and watch TV shows? Who are the key players
and how will the market look like in a year’s time?

10. Streaming Wars – Europe strikes back
Netflix and other US-based services currently dominate the world of streaming and content;
however, Europe has decided to strike back. What does this European reaction look like? Who will
lead the local representatives? Will the region participate in this clash and whose side will it be on?

11. From King’s Landing to McMafia – why do global TV and film production crews choose the
Why are global TV productions increasingly choosing the region to film some of the most successful
shows and feature films, and what do we have to do to make a serious business out of it?

12. The return of the rejects or how to live to a hundred
Even though we have been trying to undermine TV for as long as we have been organizing the
Weekend, i.e. the past 12 years, it is still going strong. What do we have to do to make a serious
business out of it?

13. Data vs. insights – have the data made us smarter?
The age of data was quite promising. Have the expectations been met? Do we know how to get
good-quality insights from the data we are collecting? Are we collecting too many data that we then
don’t know what to do with?

14. Fintech Rules!
Fintech mania has arrived in Croatia. How many of us are using Revolut, why is Keks Pay so
successful, what has the latest telecom banking brought, and what innovations can we expect thanks
to the latest EU regulations?

15. Digital wellbeing –how to lead a good life in the digital age
We are surrounded by screens. Can we imagine living without them? Should we imagine living
without them? How can we survive a weekend without mobile phones and how can we start and
actually stick to a digital detox?

16. AI: How will the humans fare?
Should we be in awe of AI or is it a threat to the life as we know it?

LECTURES – highlights…

1. Jean-Claude Biver
For the first time in the region, the savior of the Swiss watch industry and one of the most famous
European businessmen in an industry of luxury brands will reveal the secrets of running luxury

2. Ranko Rajović
This regional star and authority on children’s upbringing and education in the digital age will give a
lecture titled Children and the digital age: How to develop the child’s IQ through playing.

3. Rena Effendi, National Geographic
The award-winning National Geographic photographer will present inspiring stories on the lives of
little people around the world.

4. Sarah Marshall, Vogue
In what way is the legendary magazine transforming and how is it building its readership through the
deep understanding of their needs?

5. Sara Fischer, Axios
Why does Trump start his days with tweets criticizing her media company and how has her
newsletter become the daily go-to source of information for media professionals around the world?

6. Valeria Adani, Idean
What should we do to make user experience more than just a PR story?

7. Jörg Riommi, Publicis Groupe
How does creativity work in the age of data and algorithms?

8. Mark Kingston, Viacom
Global media companies have been perfectly monetizing their content in a number of different ways.
How does this almost scientific approach by the US-based Viacom work?

9. AJ Coyne, BBDO Australia
Apart from running all the Mars brands in Australia, AJ has created an excellent campaign with David
Attenborough to try and help endangered animal species.

10. Raido Soom, Postimees Group
One of the top people of the largest Baltic media company will tell us how the media in Estonia have
integrated their newsroom, developed a number of local media, and discovered a business model
whose revenues are once again on the rise.


1. We choose the best political PR practitioner
Journalists following the Croatian political scene have participated in the largest survey ever, rating
the work of PR practitioners they cooperate with daily – we will announce the best PR practitioner at
the Weekend!

2. Employer branding survey
We will present the findings of the latest survey carried out among the largest Croatian companies to
find out what they are doing to keep their best employees and attract new talents.


1. Pics or it didn’t happen!
How can we take good-quality pictures with mobile phones?

2. Weekend formats the radio: Ed Sheeran vs. Petar Grašo
How does a formatted radio work?

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