From King’s Landing to McMafia: Why Global TV and Film Productions Choose This Region

20.09.2019., Rovinj  Predavanje Od King s Kandinga do McMafije: Zasto globalne TV i filmske produkcije biraju region. Christopher Peter Marcich     Photo: Marko Dimic/PIXSELL

Global Production Tend to Pick the Region, This is a Miraculous Year for the Film Industry in Croatia

This year could be called a miraculous year for the film industry in Croatia, said Christopher Peter Marcich of HAVC at the “From King’s Landing to McMafia: Why Global TV and Film Productions Choose This Region” panel.

“We have been going through different stages over the past ten years. We are currently on the rise and the situation is getting better. There is consensus in the industry, we have good support from the Ministry of Culture and we have encountered a smart understanding from the Ministry of Finance. We have an incentive program through which a lot is recorded in Croatia. But what we need to do next is start an employee training program to work in the film industry and create attractive, competitive and profitable jobs, ”he added.

Incentives and cashback programs for domestic film projects have lifted the entire regional production scene and are extremely important, says Anđelka Vlaisavljević, director of Work in progress, because they only made two films a year before taking that leap.

“Today, Serbia is overbooked, and we are facing a shortage of film workers. Previously, we had the problem that we had to be cheaper than our neighboring countries, but in 2016 we finally got a framework that made it easier to work in and came up with 7,8 projects a year, ”she said.

“Serbia is an interesting location for shooting various content because of the large number of film studios, interesting architecture and locations,” commented Milica Božanić of the Serbian Film Association. “The area of post-production offers an extra space for growth, and it is a segment where gaming and IT merge today. Ten years ago, the budget for a movie was one million euros, today it is 18 million euros. The potential of film tourism is very great, and these are important beginnings, ”she concluded.

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