Who’s Singin’ Over There? A New Wave of Regional Music Trends

A new tsunami of domestic music has reached its peak this year. Sold out club gigs throughout the region (and even farther), combined with millions of YouTube views, are impressive not only to us, but they speak volumes of the increasing popularity of new musical genres and Balkan-based musicians. How did this type of music become mainstream? How did the digital streaming platforms shape industry trends? Are the new genres equally popular in traditional media outlets? In a time when what is trending on YouTube is more relevant than actual music charts, and Instagram is more popular that any newspaper – how are the older performers holding up?

Analytics don’t lie, and they tell us that this music is popular in all of the Balkans, and that the holy diaspora trinity (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) has a smaller percentage of views that what is presumed. Find out just what the data cannot uncover directly from some of the leading people of the Balkan music scene. Some even created its, some are extremely successful in it, and some have the longest run on the scene.


Lea Stankovic

Lea Stanković

Communis DDB, Executive Director (Serbia)

Stefan Djuric Rasta

Stefan Đurić Rasta

Balkaton, Music Producer, Artist & CEO (Serbia)

Tonci Huljic, fotograf_ Jadran Babic

Tonči Huljić

Tonika, CEO / Composer & Producer (Croatia)
(photographer: Jadran Babić)

Severina Kojic

Severina Kojić


Relja Milankovic

Relja Milanković

Bassivity Group, CEO (Serbia)


Zoran Sprajc

Zoran Šprajc

RTL Direkt, Editor and Anchor (Croatia)

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