How to Survive Sex, Lies and Real Estate

21.09.2019., Rovinj - 12. Weekend media festival.Predavanje Kako prezivjeti seks, lazi i nekretnine? Hrvoje Kresic, Mislav Bago, Jelena Valentic, Neven Barkovic i moderator Damir Smrtic.Photo: Marko Prpic/PIXSELL

Sex, Lies and Real Estate That Some Ministers Slipped on

The affairs that made several ministers leave the government, communication failures, public reactions and the role of journalists in the whole story were the topics of the “How to Survive Sex, Lies and Real Estate” panel. Panel members Jelena Valentić (Telegram), Mislav Bago (Nova TV), Neven Barković ( and Hrvoje Krešić (N1) concluded that people are fed up with affairs and need something big to trigger and emotional reaction.

“Croats love real estate so it’s not just ministers who like to invest in them. Real estate is the easiest way to take care of some services. An entrepreneur wins a public tender and, in return, builds a house for the mayor without the money trail to justify the story that there is something disputable. It is a very banal corruption model, ”Hrvoje Krešić stated. Krešić added that the former Minister Lovro Kuščević stumbled on his own ambition to come to the national level, because if it hadn’t been for that, he could have enjoyed his millions.

Neven Barković said that due to corruption scandales, the government should have fallen long ago. “We got arrogancy and didn’t see the Prime Minister`s responsibility,” he added. Barković told the audience how the story on the former real estate minister Goran Marić was made. “We sent Fr. Tolić an e-mail. In his response to Index, he acknowledged the corruption, as if there was nothing disputable in Marić arranging for them to renovate the monastery and him getting a big apartment in return, “Barković said.

Talking about the affair of Tomislav Tolušić, Jelena Valentić revealed that when she received the materials, the newsroom was convinced that someone wanted to trick them. “Even with the real estate story, we called Minister Tolušić, and he denied everything. Today you have all the tools at hand, there is a cadaster online, and for days we were not sure whether we should release such a thing because it seemed impossible for someone to lie like that” Valentić pointed out.

The most bizarre affair we’ve seen is the „špic papak“ affair, Mislav Bago thinks. “You have photos and instead of calling the man and his boss, SOA gets involved, and in the end there is nothing to report. The context is important, because that is when the stories about the reconstruction of government started, and before that you had Milijan Brkić with his SMS affair. In politics, perception is important, it is everything, ”Bago stated. “The next affairs, if any, will be in the shadow of the presidential elections. The government is now locked away by people who don`t want to stick out. New ministers are actually keeping the drive cold. This is the first time Plenković is in control of the Government because he has people who owe their ministerial position to him, ”Bago said.

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