Are There Any Adults in the Room?

While technology is rapidly changing the world, economic and political maps are shifting. And while cards are being globally dealt for the period ahead, our region is experiencing hard times. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving their homes in search of a better life. The consequences on businesses are drastic. Society and politics don’t have a clear answer. Why are people leaving and what are the consequences for businesses? What can companies and the business community do? What can we learn from other countries? Are there niche markets where we can be the best?


Nenad Bakić


John Brady 1

John Brady

BAT, Head of Marketing (Adria Cluster)


Dejan Ranđić

DNA Communications, General Manager (Serbia)

Jovan Stojanovic

Jovan Stojanović

DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions, CEO (SEE)

Vuk Vukovic

Vuk Vuković

Oraclum Intelligence Systems, CEO and Co-Founder (UK)


Eliana Candrlic

Eliana Čandrlić

HRT, Hrvatski radio, Editor in Chief (Croatia)

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